Watch out, Herbal Organics might cheat you!

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I had several problems with Herbal Organics after ordering through them.The first times, I did receive my products but then I ordered some product that didn't arrive.

The next month, I sent them an email asking where my order was, if they were out. Several weeks later, I filed a dispute with Paypal since I'd heard nothing back. Then Herbal Organics replied that they cancelled my order. As I wanted the product, I asked if they could just send me what I'd ordered and since they cancelled it, I asked if I should re-order and then did.

They then emailed me saying the other order hadn't been cancelled, after all. A month and a half later, I received the first package but I noticed I was charged for two orders and so emailed again asking for them to either send it to me or refund it. Next month, I emailed again and still no reply. The following month, I emailed again with no result.

At the end of that month, I received an email saying they had not been receiving my emails but would get to the bottom of it. Then nothing.

Nothing in response to my emails for the next three months.

So, they owe me for either product or a refund and aren't responsive at all...leaving me pretty pissed and vowing never to do business with them again.And you shouldn't either!

Review about: Pueraria Mirifica.

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